As the man to increase the thickness (diameter) of member tested methods.

The size of Penis definitely affects the self-esteem of any man. The young people, that nature has given considerable in the amount of the penis is average or high. The rest tends to be underestimated. And in this case, the value is the length and width of the penis. Every man wants to orgasm it was not only he, but also his promise. Have the same small size on the circumference, this is difficult to achieve. What to do if your diameter is not satisfied? How to increase penis thickness?

massage for penis enlargement

Options without surgery

There are many ways to add to the width of the dignity of man a couple of extra inches to the home. Therefore, to increase it in volume, you can use:

  1. Massage.
  2. Extender.
  3. Vacuum pump.
  4. Erectio ring.

Although the effect of them will be visible immediately, but only after 2-3 months, but extra cm to the width of the penis will definitely increase, and a girlfriend starts to orgasm during intimacy.


The purpose of the training is to increase the amount of blood in the penis, ebbing during the excitation, which determines its width. As noted by young, this is the most simple of thickening member, and does not require any type of money. After the course of "dignity" is not only elongated, but also increases in girth. Before exercise you need to heat the fabric with a cloth and hot water. Then, apply on the penis, fat, cream, or another tool that can help you to increase in volume. "Dry" and without the preparation of heating of the tissue to perform a massage to increase the thickness of the body is not advisable, otherwise, they can damage your fabric.

So, how to increase the member, you need to do:

  • Right hand squeeze the root of the penis and slowly move to the side of the head. When it comes down to your Corolla, press the cock with the left hand and repeat the movement. In this way, it will create the effect of the stretching. Due to this change for the better not only width, but length.
  • Now grab it with two fingers: thumb and index and massage from the base of the head. The skin at the same time try to stretch as much as possible. When I returned to the base of the penis, and even strengthen the grip.
  • Then, the same fingers to form a ring at the base of the penis and the lock. This exercise will thus contribute to the change of its magnitude in width.
  • Started to pull it in the fixed state in different directions for 10 seconds. Make pauses between sets. It should last the same time, but that stretches. At the end of the release grip.

Important! We have to stop training, designed to increase the thickness of penis if at the time that it appeared the pain. You want to consult with a specialist, if after the training that they have returned to appear.

It is possible to increase the width of the member, carrying out exercises? Of course! However, the result appeared to do it every day for several months.



This is a special device that increases the size advantages in the circumference. It was originally created to lengthen the penis. But then experts realized that along using the member increases in length and thickness. Thanks to this device pumped all the muscle tissue, so that the growth of the penis evenly. Under the influence of the mass of an extender is stretched, which the body generates new cells. At the end there is a change in the size of the penis in diameter.

To use the device, it is possible that not all the men who want to do more the width of the member. The extender has contraindications. Therefore, you can not use it to try to add inches to the diameter of the penis, patients with anomalies of the anatomical structure of the appendages of the testicles, seed funicles' testicles or the penis.

All the other men can use the extender to increase the width. However, we must not expect quick results from him. The girth of the body will begin to increase only after a month after starting the use.

Vacuum pump

This device increases the volume of blood in the penis, thereby stimulating the flow of blood and development of the cavernous bodies. Because of this, there has been an increase in diameter. The drawback of adaptation is that the effect is temporary. After the normalization of blood flow the thickness and length of the penis is reduced, going to be the same as it was before use.

To achieve a long effect it should bring the pump regularly. Aside from the fact that the penis increase in girth, due to the fact that they can improve the erection and stabilization of the potency in men.

Erectio ring

How do I increase the thickness of the member through this device? Growth in width should be put at the base of the penis, which, in turn, must be in a state excited. The effect of the device is to accelerate the exit of blood. The erection in the man after the wear and tear of the length is a little longer than usual. The orgasm becomes brighter.

Attention! It is Possible to share the last two devices to change the penis size in terms of volume. Due to this increase inches in diameter will come faster.

What more do I need to do

Normal circulation and accelerated production of testosterone, that is 2 factors that affect the growth of penis in girth. These conditions must be met, it is necessary to:

the diet of the men
  1. To stop eating fast food, carbonated beverages and other junk food and go on a healthy diet. Foods that feed the male need to contain fish oil, magnesium, zinc and b vitamins can improve the production of testosterone.
  2. To get rid of bad habits such as Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. At least 8 hours a day to devote to sleep. Spend more time in the open air. This will help to revitalize the whole body.
  3. To sit less, move more. This will prevent the stagnation of the blood in the pelvis.
  4. Lead regular sexual life, such as abstinence can have a negative impact on the body. For example, a young person, which for a long time there was intimacy can develop prostatitis. If the normal sexual life, the glands do not stagnate, and to produce adequate amount of hormones.
  5. Run or do strength training. It will also contribute to the production of the testosterone.

Order member began to increase in diameter, you need to complete all the advice.


Thickness and length of the penis is always a reason to be proud of the young men and admiration in women. But, unfortunately, the nature of such member rewards not all. Many are of small diameter.

Don't despair guys who have a thick penis is below the average. If desired, you can increase its width in the home. Just follow all the above recommendations, as well as a body massage or to use and use it for a little bit of time extender, vacuum pump or Erectio ring. However, males who have decided to increase the girth of the penis, it should be understood that the desired effect will not appear immediately, but only after a couple of months.