How to make dick bigger at home

Penis – the main body of men, you can't argue this point, the size and efficiency of the penis are even more important than material wealth or social status. It is an undeniable fact, and those men who have a member (in his opinion) not up to your desired size, it often develops serious psychological distress.

penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement methods, developed by experts for men who want to increase penis size and regain the confidence in their own abilities. But before I recommend how to enlarge the penis, doctors will try to determine if it is necessary for man to expand (stretch) or add volume to your penis, as much as physiologically, which corresponds to the average value or is it a passing whim, based on invented (or imposed) rules.

So, what may be considered as the "gold standard" for the penis among men? The proverbial average 14 cm or "impose" on the 25th, although this last option is, oddly enough, discourages more women than it attracts, but nevertheless, the popularity of the ways of penis enlargement is increasing every year.

How to increase penis size and is it possible to get penis enlargement at home? The effectiveness of different methods of how to apply them and how easy it is for yourself, and how to increase penis at home, – about it in more detail below.

What are the complications of operations on penis?

The most frequent early complications (first few weeks after surgery) include bleeding, infection of the wound, prolonged swelling of the penis, generally of a temporary nature or permanent reduction of sensitivity of the glans of the penis, pain during erection. The most frequent late complications of these operations include: change the angle of erection (in connection with the intersection of the ligaments support the penis in erection, looking up and forward or down), shortening of the penis, the instability of a member and its dislocation during sexual intercourse, resorption or necrosis (necrosis) is injected under the skin of the penis to enlarge to the width of the tissue disorder of the penis, reduction of sensitivity of the head of the penis, the deformation and the curvature of the penis. Attention! Very often (more than 50% of the cases and more) made in the result of the operation result does not meet the expectations of the patient.

It is possible to increase the size of the penis with the conservative methods? Of course, the positive feedback is, but these methods have several negative aspects: the possibility of injury, the development of impotence, jelking, if improperly performed, leading to a curvature of the penis, may rupture the blood vessels.

Exercises to increase penis size is mostly of a temporary nature, that is to say, the result is not as fast, as when using a vacuum pump and is of short duration. Therefore, more and more men turn to the traditional medicine, which is operative to modify the genitals.

The surgical intervention will increase the diameter of the penis, its length always. Type of correction surgical:

  1. How do I increase penis length? Anatomically part of the body would be hidden inside. This is due to the presence of ligaments that support the penis. The doctors cut the ligament, thus visually extending it. That is to say, decreases the hidden division, the crotch part. Ligaments can be restored, therefore, in the postoperative period it is important to bring the weights, strip accessory for up to 6 months.
  2. As with correction surgery to increase the diameter of the penis? This method was previously used, but has several drawbacks. As well as the increase of the width using your own fat, over time, this has led to its absorption. He was a member of unequally wide, Remembering the pavement. Now the bulge is done through the introduction of a substance that's special, it gives long lasting and more desirable results.
how to increase the member

As with any type of surgery, plastic penis sometimes leads to negative consequences. In the first few weeks after this intervention, the bleeding, prolonged swelling, prolonged, and perhaps permanent, loss of sensitivity glans penis, pain during erection, as well as the introduction of the infection of the wound.

After cutting the ligaments, for example, it is possible to change the angle of the construction. That is to say, the excited body is not up, right or even down a bit. During the sexual relationship that may occur in very unpleasant dislocation of the penis, which becomes unstable.

Transplantation of adipose tissue or specific substance sometimes occurs rejection, infection, deformation and other deformations. A doctor must warn a man that, very often, almost half of the cases, the result is not satisfaction in patients dissatisfied with the result of the correction.

Sometimes men seek professional help to remove the unwanted hair from the beginning of the erection, increasing the thickness of the penis head. We recommend that before you decide on surgical techniques, the use of drugs to correct erectile dysfunction.

The decision to change the member settings of the door a man. In this case we recommend to consult a specialist, above all, a psychologist, since according to the doctors, many men have a distorted view of their body, structure, mistakenly think that the parameters of the small penis. If a potential patient has a normal humanity, that is, rather, to help to a psychiatrist than a surgeon.

If you have not stopped with the enlargement of the penis, after read more affordable and secure methods:

  1. Vacuum pump. A special pump creates a vacuum through which the blood flow dramatically increases and the penis becomes more than before. And to prevent reverse flow of blood, keep the size, just press the penis at the base of the special ring. This method is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but the problem is that the effect is temporary. When the action is over, your body will be the same size. Negative effects there and then: boils, wounds, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of colour and the thickness of the skin. Simply becomes thinner. Ring compression can be used only for 30 minutes maximum, otherwise the risk of tissue death.
  2. Exercises and other methods. How to increase the penis size from home? There are different techniques, exercises, that in the long run helps you to cope with a complex of a small member. For example, the ancient Arab technique jelking. It is based on a daily kneading of a member, the pulling. That gradually increase the massage time to 30 happy minutes, but in any case, not allowing yourself to reach orgasm. As soon as I heard that it is coming, take a break. In this case, growing member? It is believed that a permanent injury, that is to say, measured load, leads to injury of the tissues of the penis, growth of new cells, increase the corpora cavernosa. men need care, the accuracy of the action, the change of hands, as any increase in the load on one of the sides of the penis leads to its bending and complications.

For the operation it is important, not only the patient, but also the size of the penis:

  1. When the penis is under 9 cm, that is to say, the expert has to deal with underdevelopment of the penis, when mm matter.
  2. With a length of about 12 cm, the surgery is only done to improve the size and get brilliant results.
  3. With a length of over 12 cm of operation will be complementary.
means for penis enlargement

After the surgery, you should refrain from sex. The conditions depend on the type of surgery. For example, when the lengthening of the penis at least 3 weeks of a strict mode, if we increase the width of the 4 weeks, and if the operations were combined, then at least 1.5 months.

To increase the member of a variety of forms. After detailed consultation with specialists, maybe even a psychologist, you will be able to select the method most appropriate.

Radically, once and for all, you can increase the width of the phallus, decide on the surgical intervention. To increase the volume of the penis under the skin is transplanted adipose tissue of the patient, which is taken with a syringe especially of the abdomen, thighs men.

Before increasing the member width, the patient is immersed in an artificial sleep. Under General anesthesia, a special fabric is introduced in the marked in the region of the penis and carefully distributed there.

After the surgery the fat survives thanks to the small capillaries that feed it. Only one week for the measurement of the width of the penis, a man can see that the increase of 1.5-2 cm in addition, many patients reported that the penis gradually increases in length in both flaccid state. This effect is achieved thanks to the fact that the mass of the phallus, after the operation increased significantly.

Medications that help to make the penis thicker

Select the methods of enlarging a phallus suggest to complement the preparations of cosmetics, which accelerate the growth of the penis. The companies offer a wide variety of media.

However, the majority of them are dummies, which do not bring absolutely no result.

Cosmetic products that allow the member to add length and volume in width, produced in the form of cream, ointment or gel. They differ from one another in the composition and duration. According to the last indicator, the tools are divided into several groups:

  1. The long-term. The product must be applied not less than 1 month every day. Its effect lasts for about six months after the completion of the course.
  2. Fast. Ideal for increasing the body before the intimacy. These means allow to achieve the desired result in 5 minutes. Its effect is preserved no longer than 3 hours.
  3. Auxiliary. It is recommended to use in combination with facilities that are designed to increase phallus.

Almost all of the drugs contain only natural ingredients. They are safer and allow you to achieve a positive result. Hormonal ceased to be popular, as are the large number of side effects.

The principle of operation

Manufacturers of miracle cures for penis enlargement promise the most important decision of men of problems. They also make the sensations during sex brighter, and the intimacy is long lasting.

In fact, all the creams and gels work on several principles:

  1. They have a warming effect that increases blood flow to the right;
  2. Causes of the division of the cells of the phallus and its growth;
  3. Support a favorable nitrogen balance;
  4. Strengthen the muscles of the member;
  5. To increase the sensitivity.

The side effects

The manufacturers are trying to convince men that their products are completely safe for health. In a way that allows men to experience only positive emotions.

In fact, they sometimes have unpleasant side effects of the gels and other similar media.

The strength of a person to abandon the use of this method of phallus increase.

After the diffusion member, a man can begin to feel a strong burning and itching, which are located in the area of the scrotum. These reactions occur due to overly sensitive skin or the presence of intolerance to separate components of the drug. It also allows the option of overdose, tools.

The penis enlargement with the help of drugs, gels and ointments

Promotional video and images to ensure a "shocking" result after the application of such funds. Unfortunately, it is not so. In addition, you need to select a composition to suit your needs. Need short-term or long-term effect. If we don't pay attention, you can get not what you expect.

penis enlargement at home

If we take into account the cream with the short-term effect of any drug is a good thing because in its composition contains a component that causes an increase in a partner and the head. If you select the ointment for a long-term effect, you need to consult with a specialist. It means that part is the right one for you.

The use of the extender

It is possible to make dick bigger at home and with the help of this device. The extender can be of several types:

  • Waist;
  • With vacuum;
  • Repeat.