How to make dick bigger at home

Many men who face the inability to satisfy their partner in bed because of the small size of the penis is ashamed to ask for help in institutions and prefer to search for methods that can be applied at home, however, were equally effective. Here come to the aid of the experience of our ancestors. At various times representatives of different peoples we look for and try new methods of manipulation to increase the penis and achieved the necessary results.

Penis enlargement methods

penis enlargement at home

With all the variety of techniques and unique way, the basic principle and the main task remains unchanged – bomb in the erectile tissue of the penis, more blood, and increase the circulation of the blood in the organs of small pelvis. The achievement of these objectives leads to an increase in member volume and length, it seems to many men, that nature has given the very modest size of the manhood.

Massage for penis enlargement

An example of an effective method of penis enlargement is the technique of milking. For many centuries, Arab men with this method to achieve the desired size, in addition to increase the penis in comparison to the usual, which got them in the inheritance. The technique is very simple, but effective. Massage will not have much time, just enough each day that you spend 10 minutes to practice and after some time, the result will be evident. Those who wish to achieve immediate results, therefore, do not make enough effort and patience, you should pay attention to other ways of solving the problem of a small member, because any method used in the home requires resistance and stable performance in months.

And so, just the very technique of massage is used in a state of flaccid, a member of the sky with both hands, alternately changing from one to another. The exercise should be smart, but very careful not to damage the blood vessels. Any exercises should not cause making discomfort or pain.

The point is simple, holding the base of the penis with two fingers, a ring, you must pull a member of the band, while the drawing of the hand, the head. In the course of a hand is different, therefore the capture of the blood in the body cavernous. An erection during this type of massage is prohibited. In any of its manifestations has of pause that will also help to increase the length of the sexual relationship and expect the time of ejaculation.

Penis enlargement enlargement-implant

Also at home you can turn to for help in the extension. The essence of the extension in the stretching of the penis, and the increase of the cavernous bodies that causes the increase of blood flow and, therefore, of the body. Continuous use leads to the achievement of a constant volume of the penis. It should also be noted that the expansion helps to get rid of' a curvature of a memberwhich is not only a cosmetic problem, but can cause erectile dysfunction in relation to the impairment of the circulation of the blood. The use of the extension in compliance with all instructions and security measures there is virtually no contraindications and side effects.

At home we can effectively use the Kegel exercise, is directed to the pelvis, the muscles. This simple method will allow to increase the libido, helps control ejaculation, promotes better blood circulation in the pelvic region, which as mentioned above directly affects the flow of blood to the penis and its size during erection.

Muscle that normally helps stop the flow of urine, or the effort, if you can't get to the booth will be the main in this method.

how to make dick bigger at home

One of the most common: stretch the muscle and hold it in this state for 15 seconds, and then relax at the same time. Should start with 20 repetitions, the number of which every day increased. A week later, to do 50 repetitions. To perform the exercise better standing, or lying down. Quick results, so you don't need to wait. The effect of exercise will be evident after half a year of regular exercise, then again need patience and confidence in the desired outcome.