How to increase your member in the home

The owners of a standard penis size is not always happy with their dignity. Wanting to add a few precious inches, ready to experience a variety of options, such as increasing the manhood in the home, the use of surgical intervention other techniques. Either way, that has been used by man, the main thing that he finds confidence and ready to conquer new heights.

Natural data

penis enlargement at home

Opinions about dick how long is the norm, diverge. A deviation is considered to be the size of the penis in erection is less than 8 cm to Decide if the penis is big enough or not, only the man, according to his preferences, desires, sexual partner. The degree of enjoyment during the sexual relations do not depend on the length and the diameter of the penis, therefore, to assume that the woman to get to orgasm takes big dick, bad. You want to know how to raise your adult age, it is useful to see the information telling statistics.

The increase in the genitals is possible if you have the patience, desire and regular practice, if we are not talking about the operation. Before making a decision, they want to measure the member and compare it with the standards adopted by the Europeans.

  • Length: 12-16 cm;
  • The diameter of 3-4 cm.

Fall under the standards of the erect penis does not need enlargement. The problem is caused by the internal, doubt, will not be physiological in nature, is resolved by appealing to the specialist in the field of psychology.

To enlarge penis in the home in various ways, the combination of which will give a more quick and qualitative result. For example, a combination of cosmetics, massages, pumps with multiple devices.

Useful exercises

Ancient sages developed a set of classes that promote the growth of reproductive organ. A technique called jelcing. The technique was used by the inhabitants of countries such as India, Greece, Egypt. The African peoples also used ancient knowledge that has been found in the documentary evidence.

Jelcing – special massage, similar techniques action with massage livestock.

Amazing results have been achieved by men performing the actions correctly. To learn the method can be video lessons and also don't forget to buy ointment, gel to facilitate sliding during the procedure. The General basis for most massage techniques for the penis enlargement is to prepare the penis. As a member in the excited state should not exceed 70%.

Fully erect penis will not be permitted to perform the massage, there will be unpleasant, pain, discomfort.

Manual impact on the body due to a rush of blood, as to maximum erection, the volume will increase substantially, causing there pain. Incomplete filling member of blood, gives blood the ability to provide calves slowly, stretching the erectile tissue that comprise the penis. Regular training to ensure the subsequent construction of the large capacity of the blood, which contribute to an increase in the size of the organ. The first noticeable difference after a couple of months of constant playing.

Massage for penis enlargement

Popular method used at home, requires no financial investment, effective. It is the massage of the penis with creams or ointments, special gels that increase the volume and length of the penis. Massage increases the body's reproductive, it becomes thicker, the enhancement of the erection, the duration, increases sexual desire.

A man's penis requires delicate handling and treatment. Orderly, attitude reverend in all tissues of the body – the key to a good massage and without injuries.

Before proceeding to the effects of massage, the penis warm up with a towel hot or take a bath. Reproductive system will improve the work at the expense of blood flow to the pelvic zone and the penis. The skin of the body cavernous is easier to succumb to the tension. The massage action applied to the excited body, or when it is at rest. Try different methods, it is easier to choose the most suitable and effective.

Stretching with weights

Hang items heavy to the genitals – another ancient way to increase the size of the penis. Considered one of the riskiest techniques capable of causing injury to the scrotum, penis. Drawback of this method is that thanks to it, the penis becomes more lengthy, but its width is the same. By how much is hard to say, because the gain length depends on the time of classes of regularity.

means for penis enlargement

Before you begin stretching, warm-up, the body, as in massage treatments. Do not RUB the skin, the head, stick a piece of adhesive plaster, to which is attached a ring of lace, and on the other hand put on weight. Start with a small weight and at the first sign of numbness procedure stops. The weight and length of the session increases gradually, if you do not feel discomfort.


The device is appointed to impart sex organ desired shape, lengthening, thickening penis. The tissue begins to grow faster under the action of stretching. The device can have long-term impact, the result will keeps for a long time or forever. Classes operate several hours every day.

Vacuum pump

The unit works as a pump. The use of the pump increases the libido, increase penis, the improvement of the power. The lack of density, elasticity, the body, the man can use the pump to reach full erection lasting.

The pump is combined with creams and other privacy tools, aimed at the enlargement of the penis. The penis is immersed in the bulb, draw air, there is no pressure, increases blood flow, expands the base of the body cavernous. Disadvantage of this method lies in the temporal effect, therefore, the device is used preferably just before the sexual act.


Quick and easy option of penis enlargement – the use of special nozzles. The tool extends the body, add strength, thickness, and improves erection. Is divided into two groups:

  • Closed;
  • Open.

The most convenient is considered to be closed, made of latex or silicone, it will create a feeling of comfort, softness, safe and undetectable. Popular second option, open. Both can increase the length of the body up to 10 cm, but according to statistics, men tend to buy the inserts from 3 to 6 cm Through the device, the penis becomes less sensitive, which increases the duration of erection, of sexual intercourse.

Cosmetic products

Sprays, creams, ointments and gels positive and negative comments. Promotional videos and ads claim that the body genital will increase instantly by several inches. The data suggest that the funds do not have a strong effect, are used as a Complement to more effective methods. Cosmetic products add sex desire, enhance erections, increase a member for a couple of hours, but no more.


It is known that one of the participants of the show "House 2" Vlad went under the surgeon's knife to increase the size of the penis. I needed a man young or not in operation, how many added inches, remains unknown, but one thing is clear – that feels more secure, he became cheerful and happy.

The average amount to increase penis surgically is equal to 3-5 cm

The man show videos of this type of operations, the research is not aesthetically pleasing, have a painful period of rehabilitation. A man assesses the situation, often with far-fetched problems and making changes.

how to increase the member

Indications for surgical intervention:

  • Congenital Anomalies (hypospadias, epispadia). Damage sustained by mechanical means;
  • Small Penis. The size of the organ, which does not allow to have sex. Appears to cause endocrine changes in the body of the boy, when it grows and develops. Operation in the presence of the syndrome is imminent;
  • The changes associated with age. Gradual degeneration of the tissues of the penis, caused by a decrease of elasticity, obesity, and other things.

Sexual organs without pathologies, not only under the "standard size" should not be the object of operations.

Aesthetic shortcomings have been sent from a psychological point of view, together with a specialist and lover of the woman. Normal operation, the possibility of reproduction in small size are not reasons for surgery.

When it is necessary to increase a member? According to the medical testimony in the case that the length was so small, that it involves a serious physiological problems. In practice, to increase your member wants to any man, regardless of how generous was the nature. But what do I have to wait after the application of each of the options – try to understand.

General data

Statistics indicate that the majority of men the size of the penis in erection does not exceed 9.5–14 cm Phallus with a length of less than the bottom of the figure is called small penis, and if its size does not exceed 2 cm – a very small penis. The Experts explain that the penis needs to be performed only in the latter two cases, a small organ does not touch the man of the ego and to enter the complexity of physiological processes.

There are many ways – both effective and extreme, and sometimes dangerous, that once again shows the imperfection of the male reproductive system, of course, in their own point of view. Why not just take the representatives of the stronger sex: the penis is inserted into the oil, insert solid objects into the skin, injected gel – popular methods of penis enlargement are really endless and only confirm the breadth of the men of the dissatisfaction. No matter the size of a native, of any ever in your life desired to increase the length, thickness and width of the phallus. Often, after these experiments, the doctors can only throw its hands and to correct the impact of the increase.

  1. Visual appeal. Very doubtful, since the reproductive organ is not accepted for show.
  2. Real improvement in the quality of sex. Also a controversial issue – a quality independent of size, and as the phallus proper specific of the vagina.
  3. Increased self-esteem.

Reviews doctors for penis enlargement contain specific information, contrary to generally accepted national principles. Any expert in saying that the important thing is not the size of the penis as the ability to use them correctly.


So how can you increase your penis at home? First we have to understand what techniques are used in the home, it will not help to enlarge the penis by many inches, in essence all these methods only help a man believes that his penis has increased. But, in fact, the size remains almost the same.

Even the increase of a member does not bring the coveted 4-7 cm or more, it is impossible, in spite of having a small penis surgery will help to resolve many of the anatomical and physiological problems.

In General, all the methods of penis enlargement can be divided into three options:

  • Surgical. Can not be attributed to the methods that you can use at home.
  • Non-surgical. You can use at home, the comments show that the increase in real is achieved by the natural reaction of tissues to the application of the special forces.
  • Combined. Surgical intervention is used in the first phase, and then at home to use the extender.
the enlargement of the penis.

At home, you can use a lot of different methods, but I don't think that anyway the home quickly and will increase the penis in a very short time. If it is any funds worth a minimum period of time (1-2 weeks), then it is a cheat, reviews from those that have used a specialist's recommendations home increase phallus, shows that the increase is calculated in months.

All the real options

The first thing that catches a man's attention, willing to house a large penis is the cream of the enlargement of the penis. But, how many inches, it is possible to extend the phallus in this form of ointment (cream) is different from other methods?

  • Exterior medium.

Ointment (cream fats, ice) has gained popularity due to the ease of use, minimal side effects and even inside a large family to remain in incognito mode. For example, Titanium gel is applied directly to the penis, which practically has no side effect, no Allergy and, if to carry out the reviews, very effective.

All external medications are divided into three types:

  1. Ointment (cream) in the short-term exposure. Stimulates blood flow for a short period of time, it is convenient to use just before the sexual act, it operates only a couple of hours. At the end of the blood flow decreases and the penis returns to its natural state.
  2. Long-term effects. In this case, spray for penis enlargement or ointment is used regularly for a long time. Consumer reviews show that the drugs they had to use at least 2-4 months, but the result is worth it.
  3. External medicines subactions. By themselves, they do not increase the penis, however, together with a pump or extender to show good results.