How to increase penis thickness

Today microsurgical and surgical techniques with the goal of using the transfer of tissue from other parts of the body of a man and to implant them under the skin of the penis. One of the variants of an operation transfer complex of adipose subcutaneous tissue of the gluteal fold. In this way you can increase the diameter in a maximum of two inches.

Tissue the surgeon places under the skin of the penis throughout its length. It is a kind of packaging. Places of a fence of leather sewn with a way that they are virtually invisible. Seam overlaps intradermally. Therefore, the thickening is achieved by adding to the body of the skin from another part of the body. If the patient wants to increase the penis thickness by more than one centimeter, the surgeon uses a different version of the intervention. This is a microsurgical thickening method of transfer of the muscle tissue. The operation, in comparison with the previous, much more difficult. Lasts a long time, and the period of recovery after a difficult. But the more complex the task, the more difficult to obtain-the.

Therefore, the decision of carrying out operations of this type, it is necessary to think carefully to take account of its complexity, high cost, the duration of the recovery period. It is necessary to take into account the risk of possible complications after the surgery. Because nature does not like such interference, and even in these areas, so delicate. Sometimes, as a result of the correction of the penis may appear tuberosity. The majority of complications are wound infection, bleeding, prolonged swelling of the penis. Possible temporary or permanent reduction of sensitivity of a balanus, the appearance of pain during erection.

the enlargement of the penis.

At the end of complications between the shortening of the body, changing the angle of the erection, the instability of the penis during sexual intercourse, mortification entered the tissues (muscle and adipose tissue). Often a man complains about disorders of erection, the deformation of the penis.

And the most important thing. In half of the cases, the men say that the operation result does not meet their expectations.

However, willing to risk it. And, despite the warnings of surgeons, these patients believe that all these warnings will not be affected.

The increasing thickness of penis extender

This method is more secure. The extender is a special device that increases the penis. It is created on the basis of the research carried out by prominent sexologists, who for decades sought a solution to the above problem. Initially, the purpose of the extender was to increase the length of manhood. But the practice shows that, along with the extension increases and the thickness of the penis. This is due to the swell of the muscle tissue. In fact, the increase is proportional. It is impossible to lengthen the body without an increase in concomitant in its diameter.

The extender is simple. Penis in the sky, thanks to a specially developed mechanism. If you follow the instructions, the procedure is painless. The changes are achieved through natural body functions to increase the number of cells that under the influence.

Exercise and massage

This is the most affordable and secure ways to achieve the goal.

To carry out special exercises should be used for lubrication, in order not to injure the penis. Carry out the procedure should be incomplete erection, by avoiding the pain. You must press the left hand base of the penis and slow the pace to move forward, to the side of the head. When it comes to the Corolla, take the penis with the right hand and just move forward. That is to say, it creates the effect of milking (pulling). It is necessary to concentrate on the desired result.

The massage is much more than a simple procedure. It is a circular rotation movement from the base of the head of the body. To do after the pre-lubrication. The procedure is performed daily, in a systematic way. It is necessary to perform two months. In parallel, it is recommended to take supplements for the stimulation of metabolic processes in the body.