It is possible to increase penis

The size of the Penis for every man is an important indicator. The concern about this issue, often creates psychological problems in his personal life and is the basis for the development of complex.

how to increase the member

In the practice of medicine, the doctors decided to divide the dimensions of the penis in four categories:

  • micro-penis. In this case, the length of the penis does not exceed 2 cm;
  • small penis. In the state excited, its length does not exceed 9.5 cm;
  • normal member. The standard size of the manhood in the excited state exceeds 9.5 cm;
  • giant. Classifies the penis, they reach a length of 24 cm or more, erect.

The relationship between the size of the penis at rest and the erection researchers not identified. Often a small organ when excited is pretty awesome, and on the contrary, the large member is almost without changes in the volume and the duration.

The measurement of the penis at rest, during erection and under the maximum tension. The reference point is the angle between the abdominal wall and the base member, the measurement is carried out up to the edge of the header.

To measure it is best to use a square, as well as to relieve the correct dimensions to support a total of 90 degrees of angle between the abdominal wall and the base of the penis.

It is possible to increase penis

For men, unhappy with the size of your penis, there are several ways to remedy the situation. But before taking drastic measures, it is advisable to speak with a psychologist, a urologist, who will be able to thoroughly explain all the pros and cons of the changes.

Often after achieving the desired result, a man feels unhappy. The new dimensions do not add successes on the sexual front and don't cause special feelings. It is necessary to renounce all bad habits during the therapy, maintain a healthy lifestyle and the elimination of many foods from your diet. Therefore, the imaginary and the dignity of an impressive body is a myth, and the potential patient must seriously assess the possible risks and consequences.

Real penis enlargement results from the use of special apparatus and surgical intervention. Other ways, can only contribute to the growth of the penis, but noticeable changes will take.

The device, which allows you to increase the size of the penis include the following devices:

  • vacuum pump;
  • extenders (provide external stretch).

To get the result with the help of special devices, it usually requires 4 to 6 months.

Radical method of penis enlargement is considered a surgical procedure. In the course of the operation intervention, it is possible to change the length and the thickness of the body, if necessary, correct the shape of a phallus, and remove the erectile dysfunction.

In addition to the application of the apparatus and of the operations, in order to increase the length and girth of the penis with the help of special ointments, gels or creams. These methods are good, when a man has no desire to undergo the surgery, but the efficacy of these products is small, and often the result is to achieve is quite impossible.

Ways to increase penis

The main ways to change the size of the penis consider the use of special devices, surgical interventions, diet and recipes.

The use of devices

Effective impact in the erectile tissue of the penis has special devices designed to stretch the penis and pumping with a vacuum.

Machines that have a stretching effect, will take the extender. This device consists of a support, a special retainer, thrust washers and rod, regulating the supplied energy.

Member fixed in the device and by adjusting the rod to pull it in length. In this position, the penis should be no more than 30 minutes. In the result of the exposure apparatus of the body cavernous of stretching, and fill them with blood during erection increases the size of the body.

To obtain a stable and meaningful result when using the extender you need at least three months of daily exercise. To get it can increase the length of 3 cm, and the thickness of the member is 1.5 cm.

After a effective device to change the size of the penis vacuum pump. The effect of this device is based on the creation of negative pressure in the interior of the sealed flask, which may have the penis. The rarefied atmosphere provides a powerful blood flow and the expansion of the cavernous bodies. This position is fixed by means of a ring for a few moments, during which there is a gradual increase in the body.

As in the case of the extender, to get the result needed several months to half a year.

The device can be used constantly, and imperceptibly. Its action is based on the same principles as the operation of the extender, but the effectiveness of this device below, although add with 1-2 cm is possible.

The use of special rings allows you to lock in an excited state the penis to 30 minutes. This action gives the possibility of a small stretching of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, but increase the length practically does not occur. The main objective of this unit of normalization of erectile function in older men.

the enlargement of the penis.

To use every device, care must be taken, carefully read the instructions for use. Pain — a signal of the end physical effects on the body as possible injuries of the skin and the capillaries.

General rules the use of devices for penis enlargement:

  • before exercise and immediately after it must carry out the hygiene procedures;
  • the surface of the device should be cleaned with antiseptic compositions after each use;
  • excessively dry skin on the penis has to be hydrated before the exercise with the help of baby cream.


  • the defeat of the internal organs of the system, urogenital;
  • the cardiovascular disease;
  • pathology of the liver and the kidneys;
  • deformity of the penis;
  • diabetes.

The excessive use of devices able to blunt the sensitivity of the penis, disrupting the normal process of ejaculation and even cause infertility.


The enlargement of the Penis on the operating table is not appreciated by the specialists urologists, especially when the man has a normal Constitution, trying to change the natural size. In this case, it is recommended to address to the sexopathologist or the psychotherapist who will be able to convince the people not to make hasty steps.

The fact that any intervention does not go unnoticed by the organism, and in the case of the delicate and liable to errors in surgery lead to serious consequences. It is especially difficult to maintain the habitual functioning of the penis after prosthesis and use method of the "Pen".

Before deciding on the surgery, the man should carefully evaluate all the positive and negative aspects of this procedure. Doctors recommend to carry out this manipulation of the penis only in cases of abnormalities and diseases such as the restoration of the injured organ. Patients with normal, looking forward to that, for some reason, to get a more impressive penis, you must abandon the idea of the surgery, in order not to disrupt the erectile function.


This method allows you to help patients with micro penis and the quality of production operations is high, resulting in complications and side effects are mostly not recorded.

The method consists in the release of the penis that is inside the pubic area. With a minimum size of body (up to 2 cm), the other option as the intersection of the suspensory ligament, do not. As a result of this surgery, the penis length can increase by 1-2 cm.

To get more significant results, surgical intervention is required to Complement the use of the extender. This device is a necessary daily fix for 3-4 months, that will add another 2-3 cm due to the formation of adhesions in the tissues of the penis.

Transplantation of muscle tissue

This type of surgery to increase the penis thickness is a complex and risky procedure.

To achieve the required size, it is necessary to transplant tissues that excised from the axillary fascia or the abdominal wall. The results obtained in biological material inserted around the perimeter of the penis, increasing its thickness of 3-4 cm of the complexity of the operation consists in the careful stitching of the blood vessels.

Under certain indications it is a prosthesis of the penis. The operation was carried out with the method of the "Classic", when it is used to increase special elastic materials or the way the Pen with cartilage tissue.


To increase the size of penis is not necessary to resort to extreme measures. It is sufficient to normalize the power and to include in the diet foods that stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, due to the high content of minerals and proteins.

In addition to the effect on the growth of the penis, all the recommended products have contributed to the increase of power:

  1. Meat. To get a positive result, you should use low-fat varieties. Adjustment: the beef, the rabbit, the Turkey. Without the protein found in meat, it is impossible to build muscle mass, but excess fat when cooking and should be removed.
  2. Fish and seafood. Use the fish and shellfish needed to maintain erectile function and build muscle. Marine and freshwater fish, crustaceans, molluscs (especially oysters), will give the male body needs protein as well as zinc and selenium, which affect the increase of the power and the formation of testosterone.
  3. Nuts. For the male body is more suitable to the following nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashew nuts. Because of the substance in the composition of these products, there is a normalization of blood supply to the pelvic organs, which allows it to better meet the cavernous bodies of the penis with the plasma.
  4. Dairy products. High content of protein and calcium in the cheese, the butter, the milk and the yogurt not only helps build muscle, but also helps to strengthen the bone tissue. Dairy products normalize the bowels and contribute to the release of toxins, but when compiling a diet is necessary to limit the intake of fats and oil.
  5. Fruit. The abundance of vitamins, fiber and minerals contained in fresh fruit, it is essential to maintain the cardiovascular system and the growth of the penis. Preference should be given to: bananas, pears, apples and all citrus fruits.
  6. Cereals. Men are encouraged to first pay attention to the dishes of buckwheat.
  7. The oil. For salads, avoid mayonnaise, and sour cream in favor of vegetable oils. Flaxseed oil helps to normalize the functioning of the gland of the prostate and stimulates the production of testosterone, the pumpkin improves the power. It is also advisable the use of sesame and mustard oil.

Folk remedies

devices for penis enlargement

To increase the manhood at home with herbal drugs popular recipes. The most efficient are the following:

  1. Thyme. To prepare the broth you will need 100 grams of dry plants and 1000 ml of boiling water. Infused drink for 4 hours, after which it drinking the course of 4 months.
  2. Garlic. Three great big need to crush it and pour 500 ml of vodka, after which the container with the medicinal drink is located in a cool and dark place for 10 days. Use the tincture for three months.
  3. Collection by friction. Take ginseng, hawthorn fruit and leaves of Ginkgo, 50 grams. Pour boiling water, in a volume of 500 ml and is sent to languish on a low heat for 10 minutes. The broth resulting it is recommended to RUB in the sexual organ.
  4. Wormwood. The seeds of the plants in the amount of 100 grams is poured 0.5 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes. The broth resulting is taken before meals three times a day.

The use of folk remedies do not give quick results. The penis will grow, but the effect will be noticeable after 5-6 months.

The advantages of natural medicine, include the following factors:

  • the availability of plant material;
  • security (overdose of medicines to base of plants is possible, but rarely seen);
  • long-term effect.

The disadvantages of medicinal herbs are:

  • the result is a large amount of time;
  • not always it is possible to buy ready-made ingredients, and to collect and prepare the plants on its own, it takes time.

To solve the problem to increase the male sexual organs and increased sexual activity in various forms, but in any method, you should consult with your doctor in order to avoid injuries, side effects and undesirable manifestations.