Reviews Titanium

  • Patryk
    The ice not only helped to increase the size, but also to give a new experience in sex. More than a month of use, was able to increase 4 inches, in principle, the more I don't. The duration of the sexual relationship was over the course of almost two times and after the first erection and ejaculation, the excitement coming very quickly. I think that the secret of the regularity of the procedures and the correct to smear the ice without too much pressure. Wife is excited, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important in the 8th year of marriage. We recommend titanium!
  • Julia
    Husband used titanium 1.5 months, during this time, managed 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm in diameter of the penis. She was surprised at the result, the night became brighter and more interesting. Write a review to recommend to girls is a tool. Help your husband and yourself to achieve new results. Husband device the new size, it became more confidence in myself, soon forward job promotions. In General, some of the advantages of the ice.
  • Michał
    The gel is multifunctional, I can use it in different ways. To enlarge the painting every day in the evening, no matter the sex or not, as a medicinal ointment. If there is a meeting with the girl, then lubricate before intercourse. In this case, the gel works as a great aphrodisiac. Is to enjoy a rush of blood to the groin, the skin becomes hot and you may receive an erection. You can make the layer thicker, and after Titanium well-come as a lubricant. It sharpens the senses, and the sex brings more pleasure.
  • Kamil
    Titanium does not increase the size, but still put a solid 5. Immediately after applying the ice, in the groin, there is a pleasant warmth, the other rises and increases at the time of the event. Stable erections, sex time is extended, the feeling is brilliant. Note that the drug acts on the sensibility of women. With a more liberal application of the gel behaves as a lubricant when vaginal dryness greatly facilitates the penetration. I have improved the quality of the semen, which before was larger and had a not very good smell. Now girlfriend initiated oral sex, although this is avoided. Titanium good for my health, sexual life and psychological state. I became more calm and safe, without fear of failure in bed, or simply lose the desire. Libido on the other hand, only intensified: I'm ready to fight without much foreplay and extra stimulation. I packing not enough and I will continue to ask for more. Price for a useful and effective tool to all present, only less free. In the web applications are processed quickly and delivered without delay.
  • Krzysztof
    Titanium acts slowly and has a complex effect. In 1 week there are no significant changes was not. Walking in the accumulation of nutrients in the deep layers of the skin and corpora cavernosa. Although the effect is only superficial, the active ingredients penetrate quickly into the blood stream. For 2 weeks improved erection. It was made stronger and more prolonged. The sensitivity of the genital organs has increased. He began a slow incorporation of the dimensions of length and girth. In the 3rd week of the sexual organ is made more attractive form, the head is well established. Increase the duration of sexual intercourse, the sensations of sex are different. The most fun I have me and a partner. On the 4th week, the size has reached the maximum. Duration has been increased by almost 5 cm in diameter and 2 cm In a state without an erection parameters has not changed. Apply titanium it is possible, both independently and together with a girl. This turns into an interesting sexual game. Massage gel after a shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores are more open), gives the best results. Body increase is due to natural processes and not because of the hormones.
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